Kanye proposes “Jesus Tok”
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Kanye proposes “Jesus Tok”

Our favorite controversial rapper and presidential candidate Kanye West has managed to make headlines again. This time for coming up with ideas for “Jesus Tok”. So, what’s Jesus Tok? It’s Kanye’s idea of making a version of TikTok that’s more Christian friendly and child friendly.

This “vision” came to him after he got disturbed by watching TikTok videos with his 7 year old daughter, who ,apparently, is a huge fan of TikTok. He even asked TikTok for collaboration to make this idea a reality. He wrote on Twitter ” A VISION JUST CAME TO ME… JESUS TOK I WAS WATCHING TIK TOK WITH MY DAUGHTER AND AS A CHRISTIAN FATHER I WAS DISTURBED BY A LOT OF THE CONTENT BUT I COMPLETELY LOVED THE TECHNOLOGY”. In another tweet he wrote ” WE PRAY WE CAN COLLABORATE WITH TIK TOK TO MAKE A CHRISTIAN MONITORED VERSION THAT FEELS SAFE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN AND THE WORLD IN JESUS NAME AMEN”

It should not come as a surprise to his fans, since these tweets came just days after he received Gospel music nomination for the Dove Awards for his album “Jesus Is King.”

Check out Kanye West’s new album “Jesus Is King

What do you think about Kanye’s TikTok idea? Do you like it ? Let us know in the comments.

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