Pokimane drama update: Leafy is banned
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Pokimane drama update: Leafy is banned

YouTube has banned LeafyIsHere after he uploaded a series of controversial videos about popular Twitch streamer Pokimane. It’s not entirely clear if those videos are the reason for the ban. Calvin Lee Vail, who is better known online as LeafyIsHere, is a popular YouTuber with millions of subscribers. He is popular for his gaming and gossip content.

Esports insider Rod Breslau informed that Leafy’s ban from YouTube was because his channel contains “multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully, or threaten.” Pokimane already claimed via Twitter that she has nothing to do with this .

Leafy was well known for controversial “drama” contents. Leafy was hailed as an influential figure and many even adopted his style of content making. His channel amassed over 4 million subscribers before it was banned from YouTube.

Leafy publicly reached out to YouTube on Twitter to ask how he could get his channel reinstated. He wrote in his tweet ” Morning @TeamYouTube my channel was suspended yesterday, curious if there is anything I could do to get it reinstated. Or if there is any statement on this you could give on this”

Another popular “drama production house” and gossip YouTuber Keemster tweeted that Leafy’s account was terminated because of harassment.

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Many popular streamers and YouTube content creators welcomed YouTube’s decision to ban Leafy. Popular Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator Asmongold said in his tweet , ” Hopefully the Leafy ban is only the beginning of YouTube taking action on channels who’s content is primarily at the expense of others….. Harassment veiled as “criticism” “.

What do you think about Leafy’s ban? Was it fair or unfair? Let us know in the comments.

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