Pokimane’s apology for simps & DMCA takedowns
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Pokimane’s apology for simps & DMCA takedowns

Pokimane posted an apology video in response to the boyfriend drama, and many other things. YouTuber LeafyIsHere started a drama last month over the idea that Pokimane, the female streamer on Twitch, might have a boyfriend that she is hiding from everyone. The idea was that women on the internet keep their dating lives secret to fool men into giving them money.

Her apology video includes many issues. In the past, she takedown many videos that include her tweets or footage. She also said that she did this because they included content she deleted or because the videos were clickbait but she still apologizes for it.

Pokimane also said that “about seven years ago” she used to use the N-word and she apologized for using it as she was a teenager back then and also not as well-known as she is now.

She said that“Although I never said it with ill intent or racial context or the hard R, I still want to make it clear that I don’t condone the use of that language,” I don’t want my deletion of those things or my silence now to make it seem otherwise. I’ve commented on this in the past, but honestly, my statement or comments then weren’t even good enough… I just want to make it clear that I am genuinely so sorry if I hurt or offended anybody with what I said. I really wish I could go back in time and change the past. Unfortunately I can’t. I do hope that my behavior in regards to language for the last couple of years and onward will speak for itself.

She also discussed a video titled “Simp willingly goes homeless for Pokimane”. In the video a Pokimane fan said that his savings were running out, but he’d still donate $500 to her, furthermore he sleeps behind a Starbucks so he can use the free wifi and donate the rest of his money. She said that, “I want to sincerely apologize to both It’sAGundam and to the sponsor of that video for the remarks and comments I made,”I completely understand people’s concern for going after someone else’s livelihood, especially in a time like this.”

She also talked about the recent drama. She said that,“I personally made the decision seven years ago or whenever I got into streaming that I don’t want my personal life to be part of my content. For me, this also creates a healthier divide between my work life and personal life, which is an area where the lines are already pretty blurred. I understand that some people could relate this to donations, but you could also argue that one can make a lot of money by publicizing the relationship or making content out of it. Neither of these things are wrong at all. I personally want to be able to experience my relationships without the scrutiny of an online audience. If you disagree, that’s totally alright. You don’t have to support me or my content.”

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